Three Ways To Quickly Improve Your Gum Health

Keeping your gums healthy is an integral part of taking care of your oral health. Without healthy gums, your teeth are at risk, as are the bones underneath them. If you're not sure that your gum health is in good shape or you've been worried by problems like gum bleeding, try using these three tips to improve your gum health fast. Start Flossing Flossing is pretty much the number one way to improve your gum health, and it can be effective quickly. Read More 

The Knockout: How To Handle Your Child’s Knocked-Out Tooth

A lost tooth may not necessarily be lost for good. If you take action fast to preserve the tooth, your dentist may be able to save it. To get some tips on making sure that happens, read on. Time is of the essence, so make sure you act as quickly as possible. If you can take the below actions within about 30 minutes or so, the chances for reinsertion are far better. Read More 

How Resin Bonding Can Improve Dental Imperfections

Composite resin is a material used in cosmetic dentistry for bonding treatments. When your dentist bonds your teeth, they will look very natural. Composite resin looks and feels like modeling clay, and after your dentist molds it onto your tooth, a special light is used to harden the material. After it hardens, your tooth will be polished so that it resembles your own enamel. Here are some ways resin bonding can improve your dental imperfections: Read More 

Fear of the Dentist? Manage Your Anxiety to Get the Dental Care You Need

Many people have a fear of the dentist. Whether it is because of previous bad experience with the dentist, or tooth pain that is out of control, you can improve your experience with the dentist when you are honest about your anxiety. The following are some ways you can get over your fear of the dentist and maintain good oral health. Taking Deep Breaths For those who don't want to use medication, learning how to meditate can help. Read More 

Taking Kids to the Dentist? What to Bring to the Dental Office

You're taking your kids to the dentist for a checkup or dental appointment, and you want to be totally prepared for the occasion. You can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved if you do the right things to get ready for the dental appointment. As you wait in the dental office, you want to keep kids entertained and distracted. You also want to do what you can to make filling out paperwork and other things as simple as possible since you'll have to keep track of one or more children while you wait. Read More