Getting Your Teeth Repaired

Whether they are yellow, crooked, or missing, teeth are a part of the body that can cause many problems for people. Brushing teeth on a regular basis is the best way to keep them in good shape, but many people neglect to do it as often as needed. Constantly leaving plaque on teeth eventually leads to holes in the enamel and other problems that cannot be treated without professional help. For example, cavities that are deep enough to expose the pulp chamber in teeth should be treated by a dentist in a timely manner. Read More 

Tips For Preparing For Your Dental Implant Bone Graft

If you have a bone loss condition across the jaw, then you can often still have a dental implant secured. Depending on the extent of the loss, grafting may be necessary. While a grafting procedure may sound like a scary prospect, it is actually quite routine. While this is true, there are a few things that you can and should do to prepare for the procedure. Keep reading to learn about a few of them. Read More 

How To Repair The Damage To Your Teeth From Having A Misaligned Bite

If you've recently had your teeth straightened with braces, you may be surprised to learn that your path to a perfect smile isn't over just yet. Misaligned bites can cause damage to teeth that only a dentist can help you to repair. If you're curious about how your smile might be damaged, keep reading to find out. Why the Bite Does Damage Your jaw, which supports all of your teeth, is essentially on a hinge. Read More 

Four Routinely Encountered Dental Problems

There are many dental problems that patients will often find that they are forced to address. A lack of information and experience concerning these problems can make it very difficult to effectively manage these issues when they arise. Chips A chipped tooth can be an extremely painful problem to experience. When a chipped tooth is painful, patients will often promptly seek treatment for it. However, if the damage did not impact the nerve of the tooth, the patient may be far more likely to avoid seeking treatment for this damage. Read More 

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter: How Gum Disease Puts Your Ticker At Risk

Having gum disease isn't fun for anyone. It can be painful, gums can bleed, and without treatment, it can potentially lead to total tooth loss. However, that's not where the problems of gum disease stop. If you think you might have gum disease and haven't sought treatment, you should know that putting it off could potentially put your heart at risk. Here's how something like gum disease can potentially hurt your heart. Read More