Signs You Might Need Dental Implant Services

You don't have to live with a missing tooth due to dental problems. That's why dental implant services exist. The dentists will extract the problematic tooth and replace it with a synthetic one. So, consider getting dental implants if you want to retain your smile and chewing abilities. But when should you get an implant? Anyone with these dental problems is a good candidate for a dental implant.

A Broken Tooth

A broken or chipped tooth can be an inconvenience for most people. You lose your chewing abilities, and you'll always hide your smile. Besides, a broken or chipped tooth will always be sensitive to cold and hot drinks. So, your only option is to get the tooth extracted. 

A dental extraction might solve the sensitivity and pain, but what about your smiling and chewing abilities? In that case, you'll have to get a dental implant after the extraction site heals. With a quality dental implant, you can chew and bite normally and smile comfortably.

Sunken Face

Ever wondered why your face appears sunken after extracting a couple of teeth? Well, the sunken appearance is caused by jaw bone disintegration. As long as the jaw bone has nothing to stimulate its growth, it will continue to disintegrate. That said, consider getting some implants to replace the missing teeth. The implants will remedy the sunken face appearance by stimulating bone growth. So, with time, the sunken appearance should disappear.

Tooth Decay

Tooth cavities should never worry you since you can have them refilled. However, ignoring small cavities will lead to severe tooth decay. Sadly, extreme decay might force you to get a dental extraction. Also, extremely decayed teeth are very painful and sensitive. 

So, if you have such a tooth, consider getting a dental implant. The damaged tooth will be extracted and replaced with a dental implant. At least you won't be left with a gap after extracting the affected tooth.

Dentures Aren't Cutting It for You

Dentures can also help solve some of your dental problems. Unfortunately, dentures may not be as perfect as dental implants. That's why your dentures may become loose or uncomfortable at some point. So, if you have had enough dentures, consider getting dental implants. Unlike dental dentures, implants are easy to maintain. Besides, they won't move around when you chew or talk.

You Have a Missing Tooth

People with missing teeth might have difficulty chewing. Others don't like smiling due to the gap. So, if you have a missing tooth that affects the quality of your life, consider getting a dental implant service. The dental implant will fill the gap and restore your chewing ability and confidence.

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