Get Help From A Restorative Dentist

There are certain diseases which can cause your teeth to end up in bad shape. For example, chemotherapy treatments for cancer can destroy the enamel on your teeth, which will leave your teeth vulnerable to things like cavities and infections. If you have had some kind of illness that has damaged your teeth, you can go see a restorative dentist to get help to get your teeth back.

Restorative Dentist

A restorative dentist is one that works specifically on that are damaged. That damage can be from illnesses, outside sources, or poor dental care. A restorative dentist can work with your natural teeth to try to get them back to health or they may decide that you need to have something like dentures or other prosthetics. 

Restorative Procedures

There are a number of procedures that a restorative dentist can use to help improve your oral health.

Pulpotomy: The very innermost part of your tooth is called the pulp. That is where the nerve is. When the pulp is exposed, it can become infected and cause the nerve to become inflamed. A pulpotomy is when the doctor removes the diseased or damaged part of the pulp. That can help to avoid getting an abscess in your tooth or gum. The dentist may also put some antibiotic treatment in the tooth before they seal the opening in order to make sure that any incipient infection is killed off.

Implants: Another treatment that the restorative dentist can do is give you a dental implant. The first part of a dental implant is to remove the damaged tooth. When the socket heals, the dentist will implant a titanium post in the empty socket. That post acts just like the root of your tooth. When the bone and implant start to join together, your dentist can put a prosthetic tooth on the post. If you have to have more than one tooth removed, that implant may be joined by others so that a denture or a bridge can be installed on them. That way it will look like you never lost any teeth. 

Tooth colored fillings: If you have a number of cavities that are on the front of your teeth, you aren't going to want to have fillings that are noticeable. Your dentist can mix a filling compound and match it to your tooth color. That way you can have the filling and no one will know. 

If your teeth have been damaged, for whatever reason, and you need to get them back to as healthy as possible, a restorative dentist can help you.