How Genetics Play A Role In The Risk Of Periodontal Disease

You have probably heard that some people are genetically predisposed to dental diseases. You are probably wondering how this can happen, and what genetics has to do with oral or dental health. Well, the truth is that genetics influence a number of things that have a direct bearing on your oral health status. Here are a few of these things:

Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth, then you should know that your liking for sweet things such as candy and cake is probably due to your genes. This is because some people inherit genes that make them like sweet things more than others.

As you know, sugar is one of the strongest risk factors as far as periodontal disease is concerned. Oral bacteria that feed on the sugar produce acid that erodes and damages your teeth. Therefore, it is safe to say that those who have the sweet tooth gene are also genetically predisposed to dental decay.

Strength of Saliva

One of the uses of saliva is that is washes away bits of food and neutralizes bacterial acid that seek to harm your teeth. However, this isn't the only benefit of saliva- it also contains minerals and nutrients that re-mineralize damaged teeth. It is this r-mineralization that ensures that your teeth do not erode away even when acted upon by everyday habits that such as eating. Researchers have also found evidence that your saliva's composition is all due to your genetics

Soft Teeth Enamel

Genes determine your physical characteristics, including the composition of your tooth structure. Therefore, you may inherit genes that result in relatively softer teeth enamel. Unfortunately, soft teeth enamel are easily attacked by oral bacteria and result in oral cavities. In short, your ancestors have a big influence on whether or not the bacteria that attack your teeth have a field day or a fight of their lives.

Weak Immune System

Lastly, you should know that your immune system plays a big role as far as your oral health is concerned. You have colonies of bacteria on your oral cavity, but your body's immune system is keeping them in check. If you have a weak immunity, however, then the bacteria can overwhelm your body's defenses and cause dental cavity.

Your genetics predisposes you to oral diseases, but you still have a role to play in preventing them. You need to maintain an impeccable level of oral hygiene so that you don't give bacteria a chance at attacking your teeth. You also need to maintain regular dental visits so that the dentist can nick any oral problem in the bud before it becomes serious.

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