3 Signs You Have An Infected Tooth

Ideally, your teeth are healthy and pain-free, but decay and trauma can lead to many problems, such as cavities. In severe cases, however, the cavity-causing bacteria can reach your tooth's pulp. When this happens, it can easily lead to an infected tooth. If you would like to know more, check out these three signs you have an infected tooth. 1. Pain and Discomfort              Not all infected teeth hurt, but many of them cause severe, intense pain. Read More 

On The Edge: Are Your Invisalign Trays Irritating Your Tongue?

Your new Invisalign trays are supposed to do one thing—gradually correct the misalignment of your teeth, with each successive tray repositioning your teeth until the correct alignment has been achieved. It helps that they're not especially noticeable, nor are they uncomfortable. Sure, there can be some mild irritation when you wear them for the first time, or when you change your trays for the next in the series. But this won't be prominent and will be short-lived. Read More