Why See Your Dentist When Your Dentures Dry Out?

Dentures are supposed to stay moist. While your saliva does this job when you wear your false teeth, your dentures can dry out when you don't wear them if you don't store them in water or a denture solution.

If you have accidentally let your dentures dry out, then soaking them in water for a few hours can fix the problem. However, if you've not worn your teeth for a while and they are completely dry, then you should schedule an appointment with your dentist to have them checked.

Why do you need to do this?

Dry Dentures Can Warp

The acrylics used to make false teeth are strong. They should keep their shape for years.

However, these materials can get damaged if they become too dry. Acrylics can shrink or warp out of their original positions. Your dentures can then change shape.

If your dentures warp, then they won't have a perfect fit. Your teeth might be hard to wear; they'll give you some discomfort. If they rub against parts of your gum or soft tissues too much, then you might have problems there. You might find it more difficult to talk naturally and to eat.

Plus, your teeth might not look good if they don't fit in the right places. They won't look as natural.

Dry Dentures Increase Oral Bacteria

Your saliva helps keep your mouth healthy. It washes away bacteria and keeps your mouth clean.

However, if your dentures are too dry, then they can affect how well your saliva works. They'll remove some saliva from your mouth, so you might not have enough of a flow.

Reduced saliva levels can cause some problems even if you've lost all your natural teeth. Your breath will smell bad, and your gums could become inflamed and infected.

Dry Dentures Are More Likely to Break

If dentures aren't kept moist, then their materials can dry out. This makes them more prone to damage.

For example, if you accidentally drop a dry denture onto a hard surface, such as a sink or floor, then it might crack or break. It doesn't have the moisture cushion it needs to protect it.

Damaged dentures aren't safe to wear. Broken and cracked dentures can cause oral injuries. Even a small crack in a denture can host bacteria you can't clean away easily.

So, if you have dry dentures, schedule an appointment with your dentist. They can check your teeth to see if they have any damage. In some cases, dentists can recommend ways to remoisten the dentures. If they are damaged, then you might need to have them relined or replaced.