3 Tips to Care for Invisible Braces

Metal braces provide an effective solution for misaligned teeth, but many people feel self-conscious about their appearance with traditional braces. Invisible braces or aligners are an alternative that can provide the same teeth-straightening benefits while being virtually undetectable.

 Knowing how to maintain invisible braces is essential to keep them working comfortably and effectively. Here are three tips to care for your invisible braces.

1. Maintain Good Dental Hygiene

If you don't keep your teeth healthy, your braces won't stay in good shape for very long, either. Food particles can become trapped between invisible braces and your teeth, so always brush and floss before putting your aligners in. Similarly, lip gloss and lipstick can stain tooth enamel if it gets behind your aligners, so look over your aligners before wearing them to make sure they're clean and clear.

2. Don't Forget to Remove Your Braces

Your invisible aligners may take some getting used to, but many people become comfortable enough to forget they are wearing them after only a short time. Unfortunately, this brings with it the risk of leaving your aligners in while you are eating.

You should remove your invisible aligners before each meal because certain foods and drinks can damage them. Hot foods and drinks can potentially warp invisible braces until they no longer fit comfortably. Coffee, wine, tea, and other dark beverages can stain your aligners, and crunchy or sticky foods could damage them as you chew.

3. Clean Your Invisible Braces Properly

Keeping your invisible aligners clean is just as important as maintaining good dental hygiene for your oral health. If your braces start to look cloudy or scuffed, this is a good sign that they need cleaning. You have several effective options to choose from to keep your invisible braces clean.

The most straightforward method for cleaning invisible braces is to brush them with a toothbrush and toothpaste at least once per day. Be sure to use non-abrasive, non-whitening toothpaste and a soft-bristle brush to avoid scratching your aligners. For a more passive method to clean your invisible aligners, soak them for approximately half an hour in water and hydrogen peroxide or retainer cleaner.

Invisible braces make straight teeth a possibility for everyone without the downsides of traditional metal braces. If you are unhappy with your smile, talk with your dentist about invisible braces today to find out if they're the right solution for your teeth! To learn more, speak to companies like Reed & Sahlaney Orthodontics, LLP.