How To Become A Good Candidate For Dental Implant Services

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth with a permanent, synthetic version. Implant technology uses small titanium rods that embed into your jaw, providing a secure attachment point for a new crown. Your dentist can use implants to replace one tooth, to secure a dental bridge in your mouth, and for better fitting dentures. If you are interested in dental implants, there are a number of reasons you could be denied this type of treatment. Smokers can't get dental implants, and people with early gum disease are bad candidates for the procedure. Similarly, if you are diabetic and your blood sugar levels are not controlled, you might be prevented from getting dental implants.

Smoking and Dental Implant Technology

Smoking dries out your mouth and decreases circulation in your gums. In order to heal effectively from dental implant surgery, your gums need to have good circulation. The motion of smoking makes it hard for a dental implant to stay in place and can cause a dental implant to fail. If you are a smoker that wants to get dental implants, the good news is that if you quit smoking you can get dental implants. Restore your mouth and improve your health at the same time by quitting smoking.

Blood Sugar Control and Dental Implants

When your blood sugar levels are not in control, you don't have a good ability to heal from surgery. While the surgical procedure is minimal, high blood sugar levels can cause the gums to become infected or not heal at all. Talk to your doctor about getting your blood sugar levels in control so that you can get dental implants done. 

Early Gum Disease and Your Oral Health

Early gum disease can show when you brush your teeth and there is bleeding. If your dentist discovers that you have gum disease, they may need to provide treatment in order to prepare your gums for dental implants. Once your gum disease is reversed, this hurdle won't be in the way of your getting dental implants. Protect your oral health by getting gum disease taken care of before it can't be reversed and becomes permanent.

When you are good health, you can get dental implant services. If there are a few hurdles in your way, you can still work to become a good candidate. Take care of gum disease, quit smoking, and get out of control blood sugar levels stabilized.