Fear of the Dentist? Manage Your Anxiety to Get the Dental Care You Need

Many people have a fear of the dentist. Whether it is because of previous bad experience with the dentist, or tooth pain that is out of control, you can improve your experience with the dentist when you are honest about your anxiety. The following are some ways you can get over your fear of the dentist and maintain good oral health.

Taking Deep Breaths

For those who don't want to use medication, learning how to meditate can help. You will hear that taking deep breaths will help you calm down. Deep breathing lowers your heart rate, and you are able to relax when this occurs. When you are nervous, your heart rate speeds up and you begin taking more shallow breaths. It will help to breathe in, count to five, and release the breath for five seconds. 

Listen to Music

Soothing music can help you remain calm while going to the dentist. If making polite conversation with the dentist makes you more nervous, let them know that you are going to listen to music instead. It's nearly impossible to talk when you are at the dentist anyway, so music will be a good distraction.

Bring Someone With You

If having a friend with you calms you down, bring someone with you to your dental appointment. You may feel strange about bringing someone along, but it is common for people who have anxiety around going to the dentist.

Talk to Your Dentist Ahead of Time

Fear is generally unfounded when you are going to the dentist. Talk to your dentist about what you need for dental work. Let them know you have a fear. If you have questions, ask them. When you trust your dentist, it becomes easier to stay calm when they are working on your teeth.

Try Medication if You Need It

Some practices use nitrous oxide to help you feel calmer for a procedure, while others will prescribe a light sedative so you can relax. Medication can help you feel more relaxed, giving you what you need in order to get dental treatment done. If your nerves are out of control because you fear the dentist, medication will make it much easier.

It's hard to rationalize with fear. Let your dentist know that you are nervous and they can do whatever they can to accommodate you. To learn more, contact some local dental clinics such as Hayden  Dental.