Enamel Reshaping Can Improve Small Imperfections That Make You Feel Self-Conscious About Your Smile

If you're in search of the perfect smile, but you're not sure which treatment is right for you, consider the amount of work you need done. If you have small imperfections in the enamel such as some teeth that are too long or too pointed, it might be possible to contour them into a more pleasing shape. This is how enamel reshaping works and why you might want to have the procedure done.

How A Cosmetic Dentist Reshapes Your Enamel

First, your dentist has to determine if enamel reshaping is right for you. This dental procedure is for making minor changes to the shape of your teeth. It removes part of the enamel, and since enamel is thin and limited anyway, your dentist can only remove a tiny amount. It's a useful procedure for removing a tiny chip, making a tooth even, filing off sharp points, and shortening a long tooth. Any problem that could be improved by shaving off a very thin layer of enamel could be a good candidate for this procedure. However, if your enamel is too thin or if the pulp of your tooth is too close to the edge of the enamel, then another type of cosmetic treatment might be better.

One reason the proximity of the tooth pulp matters is that it contains nerves that need to be avoided. Your enamel has no nerves, so you probably won't even need an anesthetic shot to numb your teeth before the treatment begins. Enamel reshaping is done with a disc or burr that sands down a very fine layer of enamel to achieve the results you want. Once the tooth has the right shape, the cosmetic dentist finishes the procedure by polishing the tooth, and then you are ready to eat on it normally.

Why Enamel Reshaping Could Be A Good Choice

Enamel reshaping has advantages over other types of cosmetic dental procedures. For one, the procedure is fast, so you won't have to spend hours at the dentist to improve your smile. Also, there is no recovery time, and you won't even have to wait for numbness to wear off if you don't get an anesthetic. In addition, the work is completed the same day, which is better than waiting for a veneer to be made and having multiple visits. Because enamel reshaping is done in one day and in a short visit, it is less expensive than other cosmetic dental treatments.

Although only a small amount of enamel is removed, the subtle changes made to your teeth can have an impact on the way your smile looks, and you can stop feeling self-conscious over a chip or pointed tooth. If you'd like to make changes to the shape of your teeth, talk to a cosmetic dentist to see if this procedure is right for you. It's not always the best choice, but when it is, you'll have immediate results that make you feel more confident about smiling.