Tips to Make Dental Extractions Less Uncomfortable

Dental work is never very much fun, but having a tooth removed is probably one of the most anxiety-inducing dental procedure there is—and when you have multiple teeth removed at once, it can be downright horrifying.

The truth is, having multiple teeth removed at once isn't all that bad—that is, if you prepare for the recovery before you head out for the procedure. Here, you'll find a few tips that can make this time more comfortable for you.

Consider Temporary Dentures

When you have multiple teeth removed, you're likely going to be looking into dentures to replace those missing teeth. With a temporary denture, you won't have to wait weeks for your new dentures to come in before filling in the gap.

A temporary denture is made using a compression of your mouth before you get the teeth removed. It is then created and you'll take it with you to the appointment to have the teeth pulled. After the dentist has removed the teeth, the denture is put in place—that's where you'll leave it until you return to the dentist a few days later.

That temporary denture will do more for you than just make you look better; it controls the swelling and bleeding after the extraction. It will also make it possible for you to eat while your mouth heals and easier for you to speak with those missing teeth. It can also be worn when your permanent dentures need to be repaired.

Plan Your Diet

Eating will be one of the last things you want to do, but you'll have to do it. Head to the market a day or two before your extraction appointment and stock up on foods that are easy to eat with minimal chewing. Things like yogurt, Jello, soft bread for peanut butter and jelly, canned fruit are good ideas–jsut buy anything that you know you'll enjoy eating that isn't crunchy or sharp or that requires a lot of chewing.

Stock Up on Ice Packs

Purchase a couple of ice packs while you're at the market. This way, you'll have one in the freezer while you're recovering. Chances are, after the first day, you won't need much ice. However, if swelling and pain are an issue, the ice packs will provide you with the relief you need.

This doesn't have to be a bad thing—you're getting the teeth out that were causing you problems, it's almost like a fresh start! Talk with a dentist like Thomas Krull, DDS, PC for more information.