Tips For Dealing With A Major Toothache

If you have suddenly found yourself with a major toothache, you may want to do everything you can in order to ease some of that pain. To do that, you will need to take a few moments of your time to consider making use of the following suggestions.

Rinse With Salt Water

Add a teaspoon of salt to cup of warm or hot water. Make sure that the water is warm enough to dissolve the salt, but not too hot that it would burn the inside of your mouth. Once you have created your salt water solution, you will want to swish some around the inside of your mouth and then spit it out. You won't want to swallow the salt water, as it might not sit well with your stomach. You can do this a few times throughout the day, as salt water is known to be a great way to reduce some of the pain you feel with a bad tooth.

Keep Pain Away Instead Of Always Trying To Remove It

When you start taking a medication to rid yourself of the pain of a toothache, you are going to want to continue to take the medication on time, as the directions state. It is much easier for you to keep yourself out of pain once the medication works, then it is to continuously try to remove the pain. Therefore, don't wait until the medication has worn off to try to take more medication. If your pain medication is wearing off sooner than you are allow to take another dose, you may want to speak to your dentist about another pain medication that can help you until you go in for your dental appointment.

Apply Ice To The Side Of Face With The Toothache

Grab an ice pack, a frozen bag of peas, or wrap some ice cubes in a kitchen towel. Just make sure that you are applying some sort of cold compress to the side of your face that hurts the most from the bad tooth. The more you ice it, the better you will feel. Not only will the coldness take away a lot of the pain, but it can reduce any inflammation that you are dealing with as well.

Remember that all of those suggestions are just a temporary solution for your toothache. You will need to schedule an appointment with a dentist, such as Martin S. Spiller DMD, so the problem can be resolved.