3 Foolproof Ways To Stain Your Teeth

When you are trying to keep your teeth sparkling white and pursuing optimal dental health, it can be frustrating when you find your pearly whites looking, well, not so pearly after all! No matter what else you are doing to care for your teeth, if you engage in the following mistakes, you will likely find that they are foolproof ways to stain your teeth. Who really has the time for that?

Mistake #1: Drinking Too Much Coffee and Other Dark Drinks

Coffee is a caffeine-rich, comfort beverage to millions of Americans, but it can also seriously stain your teeth. Other beverages like red wine, tea, and cola can also stain your teeth. People tend to think of their teeth as solid objects that can simply be brushed and polished at will. However, coffee, sodas, and other beverages may stain teeth because of their acidity. It may seem that only dark beverages would stain teeth, but even light teas can stain teeth because it can cause discoloration.

Mistake #2: Using Balsamic Vinegar Too Frequently

Balsamic vinegar is often mixed with olive oil to make the most delectable dip for breads in the most beloved Italian restaurants. You don't have to give up tasty occasional treats like that, but overusing balsamic vinegar can result in stained teeth. Since balsamic vinegar is used in salad dressings, soups, marinades, and many other dishes, it is easy to get too much, so watch your intake carefully.

Mistake #3: Scarfing Down a Variety of Berries

Yes, berries offer many health benefits, and it should be enjoyed in moderation. However, many berries can unfortunately stain teeth. Chromogens that are found in dark berries are intensely colored and hard to get off your teeth because they still to tooth enamel. Therefore, munching on blackberries and blueberries can leave your teeth looking like you haven't been brushing them in a while. Who needs that? Instead, you should only eat those barriers in moderation and ask your dentist for advice on which foods are recommended for healthy teeth and gums as well as whiter teeth.

Finally, keep in mind that having whiter teeth is not out of your reach. Avoid these mistakes and prioritize regular visits with your dentist. You should see your dentist at least once every six months. By having frequent cleanings and check-ups, your dentist can catch problems when they are still small and sometimes even prevent them altogether. That can help your teeth look healthy and sparkling white for years to come.