Why Dental Bridges Are Commonly Used

For people who have lost multiple teeth, there are many different tooth-replacement options available. Among them, dental bridges are commonly used. Here are a few reasons why:

Dental bridges look natural. 

Dental bridges tend to look like natural teeth. They lie at the gum line and are often made of porcelain or porcelain-over-metal. Porcelain has the luminosity and tones of natural tooth enamel. In fact, it can be shaded to match the color of the natural teeth in your mouth.

A conventional dental bridge is usually made of one or more replacement teeth in the middle of the bridge with a dental crown on each side. The crowns are used to stabilize the bridge into place. They cover the natural teeth that border the gap. If dental implants border the site of the lost tooth, the crowns can be affixed to them instead.

There are dental bridges that only include one crown instead of two. These bridges, which are called cantilever bridges, are held in place by the single crown. They are often used when only one tooth is available to be connected to the crown.

When the false teeth and crowns are created, a mold of your mouth serves as the guide. Thus, the bridge fits the mouth perfectly and blends seamlessly with the your natural teeth.

Dental bridges are long-lasting.

Some dental bridges last a lifetime. In many cases, the materials are durable and do not wear down easily. Normal bite pressure does not typically damage the device. Still, proper precautions should be taken to protect the dental bridge. For instance, you should avoid hard or overly sticky items that could damage natural teeth. It is best not to chew on hard candy or ice. In addition, if you suffer from bruxism, you should wear your guard nightly. Also, your gums should be kept in good condition.

Although the false teeth of the bridge rest at the gum line, the dental crowns are connected to natural teeth that can be lost due to periodontal disease or severe decay. 

Dental bridges don't have to be removed and put back in.

Dentures often have to be removed for cleaning and then repositioned in the mouth. A fixed dental bridge can be treated just as natural teeth. Thus, you can brush and floss in your usual manner. 

To learn more about your dental bridges and how they can be used to replace your missing teeth, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your area or visit a website like http://greeleydentalhealth.com.