2 Diet Changes To Protect Your Cantilever Bridge From Developing Cracks

Cantilever bridges may seem like they are a lot sturdier than your natural teeth since they are usually composed of metal. However, just like your natural teeth, a cantilever bridge cannot withstand all kinds of damage. Cantilever bridges have the ability to develop cracks just like your natural teeth. Once your cantilever bridge forms a crack, it will need to be replace as soon as possible. This process can be a huge inconvenience since it takes time to create a mold of your mouth and construct the bridge. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary steps to avoid cracks. This often starts with your diet. Some diets are more detrimental to the health of dental bridges than others. Fortunately, there are a few diet changes that you can make in order to protect your Cantilever bridge from developing cracks.

Completely Remove Hard Foods from Your Diet

Hard foods will create cracks in your natural teeth. Sometimes these cracks are superficial and in other cases these cracks may reach your dental pulp. These same foods can cause a number of cracks in your Cantilever bridge. If you are lucky, then the crack may be able to be repaired. In other cases you may need to get the entire bridge replaced. Therefore, avoid foods like hard candies and fruits. In addition, eating tough meats will damage your bridge as well. Instead, you can look for the softer version of these foods. For example, you may not need to give up apples. You can instead begin eating apple sauce, which is a much softer alternative.

Stay Away from Foods that are Too Hot or Cold

Extreme heat or cold can cause your dental bridge to expand and contract. As the bridge goes through these motions, it will develop cracks in the surface. If you have ever seen cracks in asphalt or concrete after a cold morning, then this is the same way that your dental bridge will appear. The more often that you consume foods at extreme temperatures, the more noticeable the cracks will be. Therefore, avoid eating foods that are either too hot or too cold. Instead, allow these foods or drinks to reach room temperature before you decide to consume them. This method will also help to preserve the health of your natural teeth.

A few diet changes can help to ensure that your Cantilever bridge remains in good health and does not develop cracks. Therefore, use these tips to make sure that this happens.

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