Teaching Your Child How To Do Proper Tooth Care Actions

If you have a small child who is getting ready for their first dentist's appointment, you are undoubtedly excited about this milestone and anxious about how they will react while in the dentist's chair. Teaching your child how to be responsible with their oral care is an important lesson that can be done at home to coincide with routine dental appointments. Here are some fun ways you can teach your child about brushing and flossing to help them in taking care of their teeth properly so they get through their dental appointments with positive results.

Show Your Child How To Brush Away Debris

One way to teach a child about the power of toothpaste is by using it on a hard-boiled egg to show how it whisks away stains with ease. Hard-boil an egg and place it in a mug of coffee or tea overnight. The next day, have your child take the egg out of the mug and explain to them that the enamel shell is made from the same layer of protection on their own teeth. Have them use a toothbrush and toothpaste to wipe away the discolored areas on the egg. This will help your child realize that the same results can occur when they take the time to do a thorough brushing of their teeth. This activity may help them become more apt to brush as they will not want to keep stains on their teeth.

Instruct Your Child How To Remove Food Stuck Between Teeth

Flossing the teeth is also an important part of daily oral care. Cut the bottom of an egg carton in half lengthwise. The bumps where eggs rest inside will represent teeth. Have your child paint the egg carton white to make the model look a bit more realistic. Use pieces of colored clay to depict bits of food. These can be rolled into small balls and placed between the bumps on the egg carton.

Instruct your child how to use a piece of yarn to dislodge the pieces of clay from between these bumps. This may be a bit difficult for them to master at first, but with continued practicing, they will soon find ways to get the "food" to come out from between the "teeth" with ease. Let your child try using a piece of dental floss to mimic the actions they had used with the yarn and carton on their own teeth. 

For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like http://www.childrensdent.com.