3 Precautions To Help Keep Your Dentures In Good Shape

If you have recently been fitted with dentures, you may be excited about the new look of your smile. However, in order for your dentures to remain in great shape, some precautions should be observed. Here are a few of them:

Rinse your dentures with cold water after eating.

Although your dentures may look completely smooth, the false teeth of your appliance are still porous. Dark pigments and colorants from the foods and drinks that you ingest can be absorbed by the dentures and cause permanent staining. By rinsing your dentures immediately after you eat a meal or snack, you can rinse away pigments that could become deeply embedded in your appliance if left in place too long.

Be sure to rinse only with cold water. Hot water can warp the resin components of the dentures, causing them to fit poorly. Your dentures have been specially designed for your mouth. Thus, the customized fit can be lost if they become warped or distorted.

Avoid hard foods.

Excessively hard foods, such as hard candies, should not be chewed using your dentures. The bite force needed to break hard substances can cause your dentures to crack or chip. Damage to the appliance can only be repaired by a dental professional, so it is important to protect your dentures by avoiding hard substances.

If you have formed the habit of biting on pens, ice or fingernails, try to chew sugarless gum instead. The soft texture of the gum is less likely to damage your appliance. If you're concerned that the gum is too sticky for your dentures, choose gum varieties that are considered safe for dental work.

Only store your dentures in liquid.

Although your dentures may be made of resin or resin and porcelain, when they dry out, they may lose their original shape. As a result, when your dentures are not in your mouth, they should be stored in water or a denture solution.

Commercial denture solutions are specifically designed for denture cleaning and storage and can help ensure that your appliance stays moisturized. The antiseptic nature of some denture solutions can even help protect your gums from inflammation that stems from an overgrowth of plaque and oral bacteria. Additionally, the solutions often have a minty flavoring to freshen the dentures and help decrease bad breath when they are worn.

To learn more ways to care for your dentures, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your area.