Dental Implants

A dental implant is the best long-term solution to replace a lost or missing tooth. It is far superior to a bridge or a removable denture. The following is a list of some advantages of getting a dental implant:

Look and Feel

A dental implant is an exact match to your other teeth. Your dentist custom matches the color of your implant to your other teeth and shapes it to fit perfectly in the space left by your lost tooth. Best of all, a dental implant feels exactly the same in your mouth as your other natural teeth.  

Independent Tooth

A dental implant is independently placed into your jawbone without sacrificing neighboring teeth. A bridge requires that your dentist grind down neighboring teeth into small posts to serve as supports to hold the bridge. A dental implant does not alter your other natural teeth. 

Bone and Gum Health

A dental implant becomes part of your jawbone. It preserves the strength of your jawbone and the health of the gum tissue around it. A bridge or denture, however, can eventually cause your gums to recede and your jawbone to deteriorate. 

Long Lasting Smile

Because a dental implant is embedded within your jawbone, it lasts much longer than a bridge or denture. A jawbone weakened by a bridge or denture can collapse leaving an unsightly defect. Also, the cement holding a bridge can deteriorate which will allow bacteria to decay the surrounding teeth. This will ultimately result in an unattractive smile. 

Fixed Not Movable

A dental implant is fixed within your mouth. A removable bridge or denture is not permanently fixed and can move around in your mouth when you chew. This movement can limit your ability to eat certain foods. 

Here is the standard procedure to get a dental implant:

  • The metal base of the dental implant is embedded into your jawbone. This screw-like base is allowed to grow and become part of your jawbone for a couple months.  
  • After the base has thoroughly grown into your jawbone, a metal post is inserted to extend the base on which your new tooth will be placed. 
  • The top part of your dental implant, the replacement tooth, is then created and installed onto the implant's base. 

Dental Implants look good, function well and are very comfortable. All in all, a dental implant will far outlast and out perform a bridge or denture. For the best, long-term solution to a lost or missing tooth, get a dental implant. 

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